Atalanta specializes in getting key influencers on the same page during major transformative initiatives. They are the best I’ve seen in building alignment among geographically distributed senior executives and managers, setting achievable goals, and holding constituents accountable to their commitments.”

~  Senior Director, Cisco Systems


“We have to bottle the magic we created together. That meeting agenda and flow was spot on. We applied the perfect combination of science and art to capture hearts, heads, and hands of my organization. There’s a lot of hard work ahead of us, but I now believe our vision is within reach.”

~ Katherine Maraschin, Senior Director, Customer Service, Fortune 500 Technology Company


I see Atalanta as a true business partner. They apply best practices, but also always adapt to the situation at hand. They are able to drive organizational alignment and inspire teams to stay on track and achieve results. “

~ Steve Blunt, Senior Director, Cisco Systems



“You guys are like special forces in driving daunting meetings to alignment and more importantly – action that drives results. Your ability to bring clarity to the ambiguous is a true gift. ”

~ Samantha Harnett, General Counsel, ZipRealty


WHAT we do

We help our clients navigate through inflection points brought about by shifts in external market dynamics or internal strategy and priorities. We design and facilitate processes that get big ideas in motion, big decisions over the line, and leaders and teams committed to a course of action.
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HOW we do it

We partner with leaders and organizations to ensure sustainable success. Our distinctive approach is based on our core beliefs, our working style, and our process.
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WHO we are

Our partner model ensures that you get the right team for your needs, each and every time. We have a fully scalable staffing model, and pride ourselves on being able to bring you the team you need, not just a team we have on hand. More info

The Atalanta Story

Atalanta refers to a heroine in Greek mythology. She was a hunter, warrior and athlete. She played by her own rules. In the famous Calydonian Boar Hunt, she struck the first hit with only a bow and arrow where others failed using heavy spears. When Jason of the Argonauts sought the most intrepid warriors to join him on his quest for the Golden Fleece, Atalanta was among their ranks, and lent him her spear as a token of friendship. And when it came to speed, only the trickery of Aphrodite herself could cause Atalanta to finally lose a footrace.

We’ve found inspiration and connection to Atalanta through these stories. When attacking organizational barriers, we too prefer to use precision and leverage versus broad strokes to achieve victory. When faced with a long-term journey, we are happy to climb aboard with our clients and equip them with our tools and our partnership. And given our results orientation, persistence and rapid execution, it would take divine intervention to keep us from reaching our goals – or from helping you reach yours.

Atalanta’s story and the lessons from it have endured through the ages. That is the power of narrative: stories weave facts together and give them meaning. They tell us who we are, where we’re going, what we value, and what matters. They guide decisions and inform our actions. In that respect, a good story is like a good strategy. When a strategy is compelling… when it resonates… when it’s simple, memorable, clear… when people can understand and connect to it, then (and only then), does it have the power to unify teams, inspire action, and create exceptional, sustainable results that will endure through the ages – just like our namesake.

Our mission is to bring clarity and meaning to strategy.